Colorado’s Marijuana Laws May Change Soon

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Colorado’s Marijuana Laws May Change Soon

Colorado has been the leading state for marijuana reform — things are about to change again for the rocky mountain state. Hundreds of bills won approval in Colorado’s 2019 legislative, from health care and taxes to criminal justice and cannabis.

Some bills will take weeks, months, or even years to take into effect but the changes may be coming either way. It’s up to Gov. Jared Polis to sign them in the coming month, everyone is awaiting his decisions eagerly especially the cannabis industry.

  • House Bill 1090 will allow those seeking to invest in the legal marijuana industry the ability to do so. Publicly traded and private equity firms will now be able to invest in marijuana businesses in Colorado for the first time.
  • People with autism will now be able to receive medical marijuana under bill HB19-1028.
  • For those with pain — doctors will now be able to prescribe medical marijuana for any condition that could also be treated by opioids. Senate Bill 13.
  • Under House Bill 1230, people will be able to consume their marijuana in ‘tasting rooms’ that are attached to marijuana stores. Users will be able to bring their own marijuana to these licensed businesses as well.
  • Medical marijuana retailers will be able to deliver products to patients with HB19-1234. Starting Jan. 2, 2021 recreational cannabis sellers will be able to jump in on the delivery service as well.

All of these bills would drastically change the marijuana industry in Colorado. It is up to Gov. Jared Polis now to make the final decision.



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