Carl’s Jr. Sells More Than 2,000 CBD Infused Burgers On 420

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When Carl’s Jr. announced that it would be selling a CBD infused burger on 420 many people were excited but Carl’s Jr. may have not expected then turn out they had. Before Carl’s Jr. opened at 6 a.m. they had a line of cars in the drive-thru and a line outside the doors.

Carl’s Jr. allotted 1,000 CBD burgers for the day, limiting 2 per customer. They sold 102 burgers in the first hour and 274 by 9 a.m. which was well before the lunch rush. By noon, reports estimate over 1,000 were sold. They kept serving until 4 p.m. and finished the day off with over 2,200 CBD burger sales. The CBD burgers were priced at $4.20 which would be an astonishing $9,240 in CBD burger sales for the day.

Carl’s Jr. has not made a statement yet, no word yet if these CBD infused burgers would be brought back or if they are planning on expanding their CBD infused line.


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